Communities of the Word

Stories of the Chicago Province, 1895-2012

To capture the history of communities within the Society of the Divine Word Chicago Province, the Chicago Province Robert M. Myers Archives and almost two dozen Divine Word Missionaries and SVD alumni spent four years researching and writing "Communities of the Word: Stories of the Chicago Province, 1895-2012."

Beginning in January 2014, the project will be published in serial format. A new chapter will be introduced each month. To open a PDF of a published chapter, please click on an orange link below.

Prelude: Milton, Pennsylvania
by Father Thomas Krosnicki SVD

Techny, 1895-2012
by Mr. Ernest Brandewie

Girard, 1912-1982
by Father Raymond Quetchenbach SVD

East Troy, 1921-2012
by Father Edward Peklo SVD

Miramar, 1922-2012
by Father Joseph Connolly SVD
(including the Boston House, 1953-2006, by Mr. John Morgan)

Conesus, 1924-1984
by Mr. John Morgan

Midwest District, 1925-2012
by Father Donald Ehr SVD

Epworth, 1931-2012
by Father Walter Bunofsky SVD

Bordentown, 1941-2012
by Father Raymond Lennon SVD

New Jersey District, 1941-2012
by a parishioner of St. Peter Claver Parish, Asbury Park, New Jersey

Canada District, 1949-2012
by Father Marcel Barsalou SVD

Washington, 1950-2012
by Father Thomas Krosnicki SVD

Perrysburg, 1956-1979
by Mr. George Irish

Theologate, 1969-2012
by Father Stanley Uroda SVD

Caribbean District, 1972-2012
by Father Ed Herberger SVD

Appalachia District, 1972-2012
by Father Elmer Nadicksbernd SVD
(including the Pittsburgh House, 1960-2012, by Father Dennis Logue SVD)

Southern District, 2003-2014
by Father Mark Weber SVD

Vietnam, 1975-2012
by Brother Dennis Newton SVD