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Empowered by the Word: 125 Years of the Society of the Divine Word in North America

In October 2020, the Chicago Province celebrated 125 years of the SVD in North America. To commemorate this anniversary, RMARC created a digital exhibit exploring the history and legacy of that presence. The exhibit, Empowered by the Word, contains extensive histories and images of the SVD in the North America from 1900 until the present. View it at

Communities of the Word: Stories of the Chicago Province, 1895-2012

In 2008, the Society of the Divine Word Chicago Province began a project it hoped would capture the history of its many communities. The province embarked on a four-year project that would become Communities of the Word: Stories of the Chicago Province, 1895-2012. Authors include almost two dozen Divine Word Missionaries and SVD alumni who researched, wrote, and in many cased lived, the histories detailed in the project’s chapters.

Chapters contain detailed historical information gleaned from the provincial archives and other sources, as well as photographs, appendices and notes.

•    Prelude: Milton, Pennsylvania •    New Jersey District, 1941-2012
•    Techny, 1895-2012 •    Canada District, 1949-2012
•    Girard, 1912-1982 •    Washington, 1950-2012
•    East Troy, 1921-2012 •    Perrysburg, 1956-1979
•    Miramar, 1922-2012 •    SVD Theologate, 1969-2012
•    Conesus, 1924-1984 •    Caribbean District, 1972-2012
•    Midwest District, 1925-2012 •    Appalachia District, 1972-2012
•    Epworth, 1931-2012 •    Southern District, 2003-2014
•    Bordentown, 1941-2012 •    Vietnam, 1975-2012