Get Involved

Centuries ago, missionary work focused on particular regions. Today, the old notion of graphically based mission work is passé. Now, the emphasis is on whom you’re with and for whom you rally.

If our work appeals to you, we welcome your partnership.

Do you or someone you know feel the tug towards religious life? If so, our Vocations Team can guide you to an appropriate vocation director who will journey with you through the discernment process. Or perhaps you’re a layperson who wants to volunteer for a week, a day or an afternoon.

For those who wish a closer bond with the Divine Word Missionaries, we encourage you to check out SVD Partners in Mission, a network of lay missionaries who share our charism. Another group of people who have a unique connection with Divine Word Missionaries are our alumni, who stay connected through the Divine Word Alumni Association.

For those who wish to financially support us [linked to “Donate’], we offer opportunities to give outright gifts and also charitable giving through annuities. We always accept prayers. Know that you remain in our prayers, too.