Collection Policy

The Robert M. Myers Archives and Resource Center (RMARC) is the official repository for the records of the Chicago Province of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD) and its dependent communities and institutions. In this capacity, RMARC collects, identifies and preserves records, personal papers, photographs, publications, audiovisual material, ephemera and artifacts of permanent value that fulfill that purpose. RMARC also collects published and unpublished materials pertaining to the general history, mission, and heritage of the Divine Word community in North America and beyond. Finally, RMARC holds and provides access to collections belonging to the Southern U.S. Province and Western U.S. Province.

RMARC actively accepts donations of materials that fit within the above policy. If you are interested in donating materials to the archives, please contact us via e-mail, post or telephone.

Research Policy

RMARC allows researchers, regardless of affiliation, to access its collections. Researchers may submit requests to the staff via the Archives Request form, or through e-mail, letter, or telephone. Should a researcher be interested in visiting the archives in person, please see our Plan a Visit page.

Digital facsimiles may be provided upon request but are subject to fees and restrictions. Please contact the archives for more information.

Should researchers wish to publish or disseminate materials held by the Robert M. Myers Archives and Resource Center, we ask that you complete and return a Permission to Publish form. Once a completed form has been received, we will contact the researcher with more information.

Access Policy

RMARC is committed to preserving its collections while providing access for research purposes. Certain categories of records may be restricted from general use or subject to limited access for legal, institutional, or other reasons.

Unprocessed collections are generally considered closed for research. However, RMARC will consider requests for access to such collections on a case-by-case basis.

RMARC will inform researchers of the conditions governing access to requested collections and materials.