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Through riots and pandemics, St. Elizabeth Food Pantry guards against famine

The St. Elizabeth parish community and their neighbors in Chicago unite to care for the poor as they've done for more than a decade. We invite you to learn more about the St. Elizabeth Food Pantry. » Continue Reading

Coming to terms with the past

Divine Word seminarian Brian Junkes chooses the examined life. In "Just Words and Divine Word Action," he shares his thoughts on current events. » Continue Reading

Commitment to equality and justice

The events of May and June strike the heart like a dagger. Many people are asking themselves, "How do we eliminate injustice? How do we defeat violence?" The Society of the Divine Word continues to pledge its commitment to equality and justice and to work towards peace. To read the statement, please click "Continue Reading." Peace be with you. » Continue Reading

Death in the age of COVID-19

The pain of burying a loved one during this pandemic-restrictive time cuts across borders. Father Viet Quoc Hoang SVD tells of the death of a confrere in Paraguay. » Continue Reading