The Robert M. Myers Archives and Resource Center (RMARC) contains a variety of archival collections, published materials and ephemera. Please see our collection policy for more information on what we collect.

RMARC digital collections and resources are available at:

Province Collections

RMARC holds the records of a number of current and past administrative provinces in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean including:
•    North American Province (1895-1940)
•    Western U.S. Province (1940-1964)
•    Northern U.S. Province (1964-1985)
•    Eastern U.S. Province (1964-1985)
•    Chicago Province (1985-present)

The archives also houses, and oversees access to, records belonging to the Southern U.S. Province (1940-present) and the Divine Word Mission Office.

Personnel Collections

RMARC holds the personal papers of, and provincial records on, deceased and former members of the Society of the Divine Word.

Educational Institution Collections

RMARC holds the records of current and former educational institutions founded or administered by the Society of the Divine Word. They include (in order of their founding):
•    Divine Word Seminary (St. Mary Mission House) in Techny, Illinois
•    Divine Word Seminary (Sacred Heart Mission House) in Girard, Pennsylvania
•    Divine Word Seminary (Holy Ghost Mission House) in East Troy, Wisconsin
•    Divine Word Seminary, or “Miramar” (St. Francis Xavier Mission House) in Duxbury, Massachusetts
•    Divine Word Seminary (St. Augustine Mission House) in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
•    St. Paul Mission House in Epworth, Iowa
•    Divine Word Seminary (St. Michael Mission House) in Conesus, New York
•    Divine Word Seminary (St. Joseph Mission House) in Bordentown, New Jersey
•    Seminaire du Verbe Divin (Mont Sainte-Jean-Baptiste) in Granby, Quebec
•    Divine Word Seminary in Perrysburg, Ohio
•    Divine Word College in Epworth, Iowa
•    Divine Word College in Washington, D.C.

Academic records and transcripts are not held at RMARC. For more information, please see our transcript request page (under construction).

Parish Collections

RMARC holds records pertaining to the Society of the Divine Word’s administration of North American Catholic parishes. Collections include United States parishes in Arkansas, California, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, and West Virginia; Canadian parishes in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec; and parishes in Jamaica and the Lesser Antilles.

These collections are not diocesan in nature, and do not contain sacramental records.

Published Materials Collections

RMARC holds a large collection of monographs and serial publications. These publications fit within our collection policy guidelines and are comprised of materials produced by the Society of the Divine Word or authored by SVD members, as well as materials on SVD and other Catholic missions, mission areas, and the field of missiology.

Highlights include the periodicals Christian Family, St. Augustine’s Messenger and The Little Missionary, as well as our collection of monographs and ephemera produced by the Techny Mission Press.