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St. Arnold Janssen SVD
St. Arnold Janssen led by example. When he first recognized the need for a German-based missionary organization in the late 1800s, he wrote about it in his new magazine, calling for a leader to begin such a religious congregation. True to his humble personality, he did not immediately realize that God was calling him to found the order. In time, though, Father Janssen responded to the call and in 1875 established the Society of the Divine Word. To read more about our founder, St. Arnold Janssen, please click here.

St. Joseph Freinademetz SVD
The first missionary sent forth by St. Arnold Janssen, St. Joseph Freinademetz epitomizes the saintly ideal. During his time as a missionary, he faced persecution, beatings, illness and danger, all for the sake of spreading the Gospel. To learn more about St. Joseph Freinademetz, please click here.

The three co-foundresses of the Arnoldus Family
St. Arnold Janssen recognized the need for a complementary religious order for women. He sought the assistance of three holy, young women who became worthy companions on the journey of founding the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters (Blue Sisters) and the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters (Pink Sisters). Here's their story.

Dear Mother Mary
Divine Word Father Stanley Plutz shares a prayerful, four-part meditation based on the life and example of the Blessed Mother.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

St. Joseph, a unique father
Once again, Father Stanley Plutz SVD puts prayer on paper. With this meditation, he explores the unique role that St. Joseph accepted through God's invitation. Click here

St. Arnold Janssen and his missionary poverty
St. Arnold Janssen's careful and purposeful use of money led to the successful founding of the Society of the Divine Word. Click here