Province leaders gather for annual meeting


Each year Divine Word local superiors and Provincial Council members meet at Techny to discuss the state of the province. Some live in the Chicago area; others travel great distances to be here.

Pictured first row (left to right):
Father Binh Nguyen (Washington, D.C.)
Father René Gerona (Summersville, W. Vir.)
Brother Mat Zemel (Techny, Ill.)
Father Thang Hoang (Epworth, Iowa)

Second row (left to right):
Father Ante Jeroncic (St. John's, Antigua)
Father Stan Uroda (East Troy, Wis.)
Father Pedro Bou (Lakewood, N.J.)
Father Carlos Macatangga (Mississiauga, Ontario, Canada)
Father Stephen Bevans (Chicago, Ill.)

Third row (left to right):
Father Matheus Ro (Techny, Ill.)
Father Jerzy Gawlik (Wheeling, Ill.)
Father Guilherme Andrino (Lakewood, N.J.)
Brother Donald Champagne (Duxbury, Mass.)
Provincial Father Quang Duc Dinh (Techny, Ill.)
Father Adam Oleszczuk (Philipsburg, Sint Maarten)

Fourth row (left to right):
Father Thomas Krosnicki (Techny, Ill.)
Father Michael Hutchins (Techny, Ill.)
Brother Richard Sullivan (Granby, Québec, Canada)
Father Robert Ratajczak (St. John's, Antigua)

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