'God is the author of all vocations' proclaims newly professed SVD


On Saturday, six young men professed vows with the Society of the Divine Word. This week, we invite you to get to know them. Today, we wish you to meet Michelet Boncoeur.

Age: 35

Hometown: Petit-Goave, Haiti

Languages: Creole, English and French

Ministry: Throughout the novitiate year, I was very fortunate to have Father Dennis Flynn as my friend. I mostly sat on the same table with him to talk to him and learn from his wisdom. In addition to sitting with Father Dennis, every Monday I played UNO with some SVD missionaries at the Divine Word Residence at Techny. It was a blessing for me to be a pallbearer for some SVD members who passed away.

Favorite book: Nature
When did you first feel the call to be a missionary?
God is the author of all vocations. He is the one who calls; I just make myself available. I am one of the tiniest instruments in God’s hands, and yet God continues calling me. His presence is always with me.

How has living with the SVD brothers and priests at Techny inspired you?
I acquired wisdom from the SVD brothers and priests living at the residence. After my 30-day retreat, due to the COVID-19, I could not continue with my ministry of learning from Father Dennis nor playing UNO with some SVD members at the residence.

What was the biggest challenge during this past year?
One of the biggest challenges during my novitiate year was the pandemic because I could not go out to explore the Techny area.

How did the early experience of novitiate change after the COVID-19 pandemic?
It felt like being a monk. I spent most of my time in the novitiate house; thus, a monastery life.

What are your hopes for the coming year?
I hope that the coming year will be “pandemic-less,” a year in which I will be able to reach out to other people, to be closer to them and indeed closer to God.

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