What makes a modern-day hero? Self-sacrifice, courage, being true to one’s values. Those are qualities that are displayed every day by Divine Word Missionaries.

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  • Home_page_news_fr_michael_bonner_March_2018

    Pro-life champion, missionary, pastor served the poor in Chicago and the Philippines

    Father Michael Bonner SVD lived a life of service to immigrants, the disenfranchised and the unborn in the United States and the Philippines.

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  • Home_page_news_vietnamese_new_year_March_2_2018

    Happy New Year!

    Tết Nguyên Đán, which in English means "Feast of the First Morning of the First Day," marks the beginning of the Vietnamese New Year. This holiday holds great significance for the Vietnamese-American community. The St. Louis Review gives a glimpse into this year's celebration at Resurrection parish in the city's Dutchtown neighborhood. Chúc mừng năm mới (Happy New Year)!

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  • Home_page_news_fr_george_bergin_February_28_2018

    Missionary priest gave guidance to those in need

    Father John “George” Bergin SVD, an educator, counselor and missionary priest for 50 years, gave guidance and empathy to those seeking direction.

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  • News_Brother_Stephen_Kerekes_Jan_30_2018

    Missionary devoted three decades to building faith and churches in Papua New Guinea

    Brother Stephen Kerekes, who died last week at age 90, persevered in his answering the call to serve God and man.

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  • News_MLK_Day_Jan_2018

    Infuse meaning into your MLK Day

    As far as holidays go, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a relatively new one. How do you celebrate the life, work and spirit of Dr. King? Father Derek Simons SVD of RaceBridges Studio and his colleagues have developed a set of resources that offer ideas on how to make the day meaningful.

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  • News_Father_Felix_Eckerman_98_Jan_2018

    'Happy' could be his middle name

    Father Felix Eckerman SVD joyfully served the missions in India for more than 50 years and the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters in St. Louis for another five. In honor of his 98th birthday, we recall his 70 years as a Divine Word Missionary priest.

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Results: 97 Articles found.