What makes a modern-day hero? Self-sacrifice, courage, being true to one’s values. Those are qualities that are displayed every day by Divine Word Missionaries.

Stay informed of what’s happening within and around the Chicago Province through our press releases, feature stories and notices of Divine Word Missionaries in the news.

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    Parroquia Nuestra Senora de Altagracia

    Divine Word seminarian Marlon Bobier Vargas introduces us to Parroquia Nuestra Señora de Altagracia. Marlon served as a missionary in this Spanish parish during his Cross-Cultural Training Program. This fall, he will continue his education at Catholic Theological Union as he gets ever closer to ordination.​

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  • Home_page_news_penn_grand_jury_august_22_2018

    The abuse report prompts shock, anger and shame

    The Pennsylvania Grand Jury’s findings strike us with horror. How could the Catholic Church of the 20th century have failed to have protected the marginalized and vulnerable in such a brutal way? We grieve the loss of innocence of all victims and are filled with anger, shock and shame because of those who committed these grievances.

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  • Home_page_news_hoang_minh_tran_august_9_2018

    Newly professed missionary Hoang Minh Tran SVD

    As a youth, Hoang Minh Tran moved to Ho Chi Minh City to go to school. He temporarily stopped going to Mass and found himself lost. Circumstances intervened when his devoutly Catholic parents moved the family to California to be near their parents. The English language challenged Hoang, but he prevailed and earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Dubuque in computer information technology. He said that joining the Society of the Divine Word has been a "transforming experience."

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    Meet the newly professed missionaries of 2018

    On Aug. 8, Christian Castro, John Cho, Martin Herrera and Hoang Minh Tran professed vows with the Society of the Divine Word. We invite you to learn more about them. We encourage you to get to know Christian Castro SVD, John Cho SVD, Martin Herrera SVD and Hoang Minh Tran SVD.

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  • Home_page_news_martin_herrera_august_8_2018

    Newly professed missionary Martin Herrera SVD

    Martin Herrera tends to forthrightly express his thoughts, and sometimes he expects the same of the Holy Spirit. Born and raised on Chicago's West Side, Martin grew up in a loving family and a tough neighborhood. Martin's parents emigrated from Mexico to the United States to give their children a better life than they had. Martin worked in retail management and graduated from Divine Word College in 2017.

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  • Home_page_news_john_cho_august_7_2018

    Newly professed missionary John Cho SVD

    John Cho was 8 years old when his father died in Seoul, leaving the family with a house but no land. Struggling to make ends meet, John, his brother and widowed mother moved to the United States to be closer to family. John earned a bachelor's degree in electronics and computer engineering technology from California State Polytechnic University in Pomona and worked as a civil engineering plan designer and drafter before entering the Society of the Divine Word.

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  • Home_page_news_christian_castro_august_6_2018

    Newly professed missionary Christian Castro SVD

    Christian Castro, the son of Mexican immigrants, is the first in his family to complete college. Following a deeply felt call to the priesthood, Christian earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology from San Diego State University before entering the Society of the Divine Word Associate Program.

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  • Home_page_news_fr_michael_allard_july_2018

    Vice superior general listened to his confreres

    Father Michael Yvon Allard SVD, who was vice superior general during a period of rapid growth in the Society of the Divine Word, died at Granby, Québec, on July 14.

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