What makes a modern-day hero? Self-sacrifice, courage, being true to one’s values. Those are qualities that are displayed every day by Divine Word Missionaries.

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  • Home_page_blog_Vargas_Emmaus_April_18_2018

    An Emmaus Journey in Niebla

    Ever wonder what it's like to live in rural Spain? Divine Word Missionary Marlon Bobier Vargas, who is fulfilling his Cross-Cultural Training Program (CTP) as part of his formation with the Society of the Divine Word, found out. To say that he experienced culture shock is an understatement. Marlon grew up in the capital of the Philippines, Manila, population 1.8 million. For his CTP training, he was assigned to Niebla, population 4,000. He shares what he learned from the people of Niebla.

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  • Home_page_news_OSV_SVD_vocations_April_18_2018

    Missionaries reap from presence around the world

    Our Sunday Visitor talked with four Divine Word Missionaries at various stages in their ministerial lives to learn more about the charism of the Society of the Divine Word and how they serve those most in need.

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  • Home_page_news_Dr_MLK_50th_anniversary_April_4_2018

    Let us remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    April 4 marked the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a day when the world tragically lost a moving voice for peace, justice and equality. Today more than ever, we need the inspiration and wisdom of people like him, people who can continue his legacy.

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  • Home_page_news_Easter_April_2_2018

    Easter blessing

    May the joy of Christ's resurrection be with you today and always!

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  • Home_page_news_holy_week_mass_schedule_March_23_2018

    Divine Word Missionaries invite all to Holy Week services

    Will you join us? The Divine Word Missionaries welcome all to take part in Holy Week, Triduum and Easter services.

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  • Home_page_blog_camino_de_santiago_part_one_March_12_2018

    The quest and the questions

    In the latest installment of "Just Words and Divine Word Action," seminarian Marlon Bobier Vargas SVD takes us with him as he embarks upon the famed pilgrimage El Camino de Santiago. Join the journey!​

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  • Home_page_blog_camino_backpack_March_13_2018

    The backpack

    On the pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Saint James, seminarian Marlon Bobier Vargas reflects upon the baggage that we, as human beings, carry and how we can relinquish it.

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  • Home_page_blog_camino_nature_March_14_2018

    A journey through nature

    In this third part of seminarian Marlon Bobier Vargas's five-part series on the El Camino de Santiago, he considers the healing nature of light and the Mass.

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Results: 104 Articles found.