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The quest and the questions

In the latest installment of "Just Words and Divine Word Action," seminarian Marlon Bobier Vargas SVD takes us with him as he embarks upon the famed pilgrimage El Camino de Santiago. Join the journey! » Continue Reading

The backpack

On the pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Saint James, seminarian Marlon Bobier Vargas reflects upon the baggage that we, as human beings, carry and how we can relinquish it. » Continue Reading

A journey through nature

In this third part of seminarian Marlon Bobier Vargas's five-part series on the El Camino de Santiago, he considers the healing nature of light and the Mass. » Continue Reading

'Buen camino' A greeting of connection and friendship

What does it mean to be fully present to the Lord and our fellow pilgrims? Marlon Bobier Vargas continues his journey to the Cathedral of Saint James and shares insights on that question. » Continue Reading