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SVD Partners in Mission

Do you have an interest in the life, spirituality, and work of the Divine Word Missionaries (SVD)? Would you like to be more connected to the Church’s mission as it is done by the SVDs? Do you wish to learn more about the spirituality of the Divine Word Missionaries’ intercultural life and mission? Then you may wish to become a member of the SVD Partners in Mission!

Many religious congregations in the Catholic Church have lay associates who share in the charism and life of the congregation. Some have third orders of laity that especially share in the spirituality of the congregation. Others have lay volunteers or "friends" that offer assistance through the gift of time, treasure, or talent on the local level. The SVD Partners in Mission is envisioned simply as an association for those who want to learn more or keep more up-to-date with the life and work of the Society of the Divine Word and especially for those who wish to engage in the prayer and spiritual life of the Society of the Divine Word.

We, therefore, are beginning the SVD Partners in Mission as a very loose and largely unstructured organization in order to allow for its organic growth according to the felt needs of those laypeople who are interested in our spirituality and mission work. Basically, we are offering online resources for prayer, information, reflections and other materials. We’ll also have a quarterly electronic newsletter that will help connect you to the SVD and our life, mission and spirituality.

Through the SVD Partners in Mission, we encourage interested lay friends to gather with SVD confreres at one of our houses, in one of our parishes or in their homes. If there is interest, perhaps days of recollection or other programs will evolve. We are beginning in a simple way by offering information and resources that will better connect individuals to the SVDs.

If you wish to enroll as a member of the SVD Partners in Mission and receive the newsletter and other occasional updates via email, please send an email to with your name, address and other contact information that you wish to share. (Your mailing address will be helpful if members in the same geographical area wish to get together in the future). Check out the resources on this site, and let us know if there are other particular resources or information that interest you.