Support our work

Support our work

For more than 100 years, the Chicago Province has educated brothers and priests for missionary work in North America and throughout the world. Today, we continue that tradition. In recent years, newly ordained missionary priests who were educated in the Chicago Province have been assigned to Mozambique, Mexico, Paraguay, Togo and the United States.

In the Chicago Province, we also care for those elderly and infirmed missionary brothers and priests who left for far-flung parts of the globe in their youth and have returned half a century later to spend their final years where they started their missionary journeys. Many of our so-called retired missionaries continue to be active in parishes, hospitals, hospice care facilities, and other pastoral and social ministries.

Society of the Divine Word Development

To financially support our apostolate, the young missionaries in their studies and the older missionaries in their retirement, we accept monetary gifts from the public. We also invite you to support our work through prayer and fellowship.

Divine Word Charitable Gift Annuities

The Society of the Divine Word has offered charitable gift annuities since 1904. One of the oldest charitable gift annuities programs in the country, our annuities provide guaranteed income for life and the satisfaction of knowing that you help the missions as you insure your future.