Other ministries

Chicago Province Divine Word Missionaries live and work in either districts or communities. We have eight communities, located in Techny, Ill.; Bordentown, N.J.; Boston; Chicago; East Troy, Wis.; Epworth, Iowa; Miramar, Mass.; and Washington, D.C.

Those of us who live in the communities often assist parish priests, but we are not officially connected with a parish. Our ministries are varied and include communications, pastoral outreach, working for non-governmental agencies and social justice organizations, higher education, providing biblical and theological education, and hospital and hospice chaplaincy.

Ministries in the Chicago Province include:

In Canada
Hispanic Ministry and Residence Verbe Divin in Granby, Canada

In the Caribbean
Communications Ministry in Antigua
Hispanic Ministry in Antigua

In the United States
African-American Ministry in Indianapolis
Hispanic Ministry in Memphis
Korean Ministry in Memphis
Mount Grace Convent in St. Louis
Pittsburgh Outreach
Polish Ministry in Memphis
St. Peter Manor/St Peter Villa in Memphis
Vietnamese Ministry in Indianapolis

Retreat Centers and the Biblical Apostolate
Peace and Justice