Twenty-two new Racebridges videos launched


October 4, 2018

Contact: Father Derek Simons SVD

Techny, Ill. – Bridges communications ministry is pleased to announce the release of 22 new videos in the RaceBridges Collection. These videos are original short stories that prompt thought, respectful discussion and action about race relations. The videos come with transcripts and short discussion guides that make them ideal discussion starters for classroom and group use with high school students and adults.

The videos also are good for personal reflection. During the school year there were more than 30,000 downloads of content a month from the site.

Executive Producer Derek Simons SVD of Bridges worked with creative partner Susan O’Halloran and CVP Video Productions of Kansas City to shoot original stories by storytellers from around the United States and overseas. Online production was carried out by a team at

Simons said of these productions: “Our latest video stories are set in many corners of our world. Locations range from Lebanon, Mexico, Alaska, Ecuador, Paris, Hawaii, Tuscany, Turkey and from across the United States. These true stories are set in many places and yet tell about the human habit of mind and heart that is prone to divide and separate -- into us versus them. Our stories suggest ways to build bridges and to reveal unity and hope.”

Brief descriptions of the stories can be found below. The new slate of 22 video stories can be found at: A guide to the complete video collection can be found in the guide Difference & Belonging at:

Bridges is a communications ministry of the Chicago Province of the Society of the Divine Word.


● The zig-zagging of an interracial friendship in Missouri. Lessons learned beyond books.

● When is a family not a family? When looks don’t match ? When all family members look alike?

● A Jewish-German friendship in Paris seeks daylight in the wake of World War II and the Holocaust.

● From prison to new life. Redemption found for a Samoan man on the streets of Hawaii.

● The U.S. travel ban: Muslim college students left adrift. Stories that help them endure.

● A song from a Cuban grandmother comforts and energizes a young bullied girl.

● Ghosts of the KKK haunt a young couple seeking to live in a Michigan town.

● Discovering the plight of Kurdish refugees moves the storyteller to advocacy.

● Empathy is found between a Christian man and a Muslim woman amid the horrors of the Lebanon war.

● The life-giving legacy of abolitionist John Brown.

● Jewish vs Christian division among family members. And then a profound war-torn reconciliation.

● A white American woman encounters a brown young girl in the Andes of Ecuador. Lessons learned.

● A woman pays tribute to her high school teachers who taught her awareness. About, race and equity.

● Early Chinese immigrants who arrived in America and helped build the railroads amid scorn and struggle.

● A tribute to a Hawaiian-American hero -- a World War II fighter and pioneering U.S. senator from Hawaii.

● A story about two women’s survival in the Alaskan wilderness.

● Colorful story of a barber shop and Atlanta’s first Black millionaire.

● A search for home. Urban renewal in the 1940s. Young Black couple’s dreams turn to nightmares.

● Remembering ”the Disappeared” in Mexico.

● Recalling the completion of the U.S. transcontinental railroad and immigrant Chinese labor and sacrifice.

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