News Experts guide 

Media guide to Divine Word experts

Every year, hundreds of journalists turn to sources in the Catholic Church to provide insights on the day's news. This page is designed to help reporters find Divine Word Missionaries with the specific expertise needed to enhance their coverage.

The following missionary priests and brothers are available to comment on breaking news, ongoing developments and trends in their areas of expertise.

While journalists may contact the missionaries directly, Divine Word’s director of public and media relations can be reached at (847) 412-1606 to recommend appropriate experts and help locate them for interviews.

Reverend Martin Padovani, SVD
Topics: Marriage and family counseling
           Building successful marriages
           Complementary nature of psychology and religion

Reverend Richard Vaz, SVD
Topics: Society and culture of India
           Economics of India

Reverend Mark Weber, SVD
Topic: Leadership

Brother Mathew Zemel, SVD
Topics: History of the Society of the Divine Word in North America
           History of Techny