Alumni Advisory Board

Current Divine Word Alumni Board members

Name Member since
Mr. Jerome Kowalski June 1998
Mr. Bill Warmouth December 2002
Mr. Ed Peterson December 2005
Mr. Mike Cousins December 2006
Father Bob Kelly SVD September 2009
Father William Seifert SVD March 2011
Mr. Jerry Oskorep December 2011
Father Binh Nguyen SVD September 2013


Past Divine Word Alumni Board members

Name Term
Father Ed Peklo SVD July 1997-December 1998
Father Jim Braband SVD December 1997-June 1999
Mr. Dang Tran July 1997-July 1999
Father Anthony Duc Le SVD December 2001-June 2002
Mr. Paul Dinh Nguyen April 1999-December 2002
Father Tom Griffith SVD June 1999-March 2003
Mr. Dat Tien Dinh December 2001-August 2003
Mr. Rich O’Hern December 2003-June 2004
Father Mike Hutchins SVD July 2003-July 2004
Father Gus Wall SVD June 1999-March 2005
Mr. Jim Hannon July 1997-June 2005
Mr. Len Uhal June 1999-January 2007
Father Jim Bergin SVD June 1999-September 2008
Father Sunny Francis SVD December 2002-September 2009
Mr. Walter Conlon June 2009-September 2011
Brother Dennis Newton SVD July 1977-May 2012
Mr. Peter Amelse September 2003-May 2012
Mr. Jay Canastra December 2006-March 2012
Father Mark Weber SVD September 2011-March 2013


Divine Word Alumni Association Advisory Board Membership Policy

  1. The advisory board will officially consist of 12 members, including the alumni director and the SVD liaison appointed by the provincial superior of the Chicago Province. Of the remaining ten positions, five will be held by Divine Word Missionaries and five will be held by alumni who did not join the Society of the Divine Word. All alumni are allowed and encouraged to attend board meetings on a quarterly basis.
  2. The association’s members will nominate advisory board members. Self-nomination is permitted.
  3. Active membership is very important. Two unexcused absences is automatic termination from the board.
  4. Every effort will be made to keep the advisory board balanced with alumni from the various houses of formation; i.e., Bay St. Louis, Bordentown, East Troy, Epworth, Girard, Perrysburg, Riverside, etc.
  5. Every effort will also be made to keep the advisory board balanced with alumni from various age groups.

Policy adopted: December 1, 1999
Last revised: February 18, 2014