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As the sixth largest Catholic men’s order, we have a far reach. Our missionary priests and brothers live and work in 71 countries across the globe. We are one of the youngest religious orders—both as an organization founded in 1875 and as individuals. Worldwide, our average age is 47.

Among our 6,000-plus members, we count more than 40 bishops, 4,000 priests, and 600 brothers. The rest are our younger members of whom there are more than 300 novices and 1,100 seminarians and brothers in different stages of their education and formation.

As missionary brothers and priests, we might be called to go anywhere on the planet. More than one-third of our members live and work in countries other than the ones in which they were born. Globally, our members come from approximately as many countries as the number of countries we serve.

Our international headquarters, called the Generalate, is located in Rome while the Mission Office, which raises funds for the missions outside of North America, is physically located on the Techny campus in the United States.